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Welcome to CCRoad
Levelcap 140 / Mastery 560/280
Server exp rate 10x
Groups exp rate 15x
Gold rate 10x
Drop rate 25x
Job Rate 2x
IP Limit 4
Arena Coins CCroad coins and CTF coins from lvl 101-140 monsters and custom buffs from lvl 120-140 uniques.
1-9dg sun items at dealers.
12dg sun for little gold and 13dg awarken system.
14dg and 15dg in shop, 16dg you can dropped
17dg can buy in NPC and you can trade
or you can 17dg droped ar not trade
Free dresses and silk prices very low.
Beginnerquests with Silkscrolls.
3 - 500 Silkscrolls can droped bye Uniques.
Uniquekill give Silk. 5,10 and 20 Silkscrolls can buy in NPC.
All Silk purchased is a Donation and will not be refunded
Custom skills buffs and items.
Gold lottery sytem with jelly lottery. These can be dropped at every monster.
friendly german and english speaking server team.
and much more. we are looking forward to you.
the CCRoad Team
Fortress War Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: dummy Tax: 0%
Hotan: BlackCompany Tax: 20%
Bandit: Born_KilleR Tax: 20%
Constantinople: dummy Tax: 0%
Server info:

Server info :

Players online: 40/500
Max online: 82
Experience rate: 10x
Party Experience rate: 15x
Gold drop coeficent: 10x
Item drop coeficent: 20x

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 688
Characters: 230
Guilds: 14